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Superhero Pets and People Saving Animals!

October 2022 - Breaking News!
Announcing a very special collaboration with the Girls of Austin!

GSA, Petdrops and Austin Animal Center

The 8th grade STEM class at the GSA is creating artwork and artNFTS of their pets! While helping animals in need, the girls will be learning important concepts about NFTs, blockchain, and digital currency. 

Their artwork and NFTs will be for sale on the PetDrops NFT marketplace. A portion of the proceeds will go to help the Austin Animal Center.

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Want to help other animals?

With PetDrops, you learn about NFTs and cryptocurrency in a fun, safe, low-risk way while you help raise money for animals in need .
You can browse, buy and create NFTs. All NFT sales benefit non-profits helping animals.
You will meet other pet owners and artists who care about animals, too!